Since 1955

Cincinnatus, NY

By: Sandra Standish

"Just wish they could be open all year long."

By: Lauren Shore

"Dave's is the best! As a kid I remember scrounging together couch cushion change and piggy bank loot, making the one mile walk, and being served some quality ice cream!"

By: Julie Degear Nickels

"Always stop here when coming to Cincinnatus! It's the best! I have such wonderful memories of Dave's Dairy Treat and though we live in TN - I would recommend this place to everyone."

By: Kerri L. Slack

"We just happened to be driving through the area today and stopped with 2 little boys. This business may be an "ice cream stand" but it's unlike any other I've been to. Usually other places will cram 2 picnic tables close together and that's the extent of what they do for their customers. Your place has several gazebos, a long divided pavilion (and not with your average cheap one long table that strangers have to share!) , as well as several other seating areas all spread out over a large, beautifully landscaped area. It's apparent you have spent a lot of $ and time to make it this way for your customers enjoyment. I was very surprised at your prices and hope you make enough profit to make it well worth all your hard work, especially considering rapidly rising costs of everything! We will definitely be back next time we're in the area!"

By: Samantha Farron

"We had so much fun at Dave's tonight! Dan the Snake Man was there and it was awesome! Stay tuned, he will be back sometime this summer with new and different critters! You don't want to miss it!"

By: Carly Parker Montgomery

"Wish they could deliver a chocolate shake and mozzarella sticks to me in Maryland!! Stop there whenever I'm home for a visit!!"

By: Traci Tennant

"Love this place!"

By: Clara Sustad Currier

"The best home town shop! Tons of great memories!"

By: Connie Horner

"Love this place"

By: Shelley Rae Lyon

"Best place ever!!!!"

By: Joie Story

"Daves is the best if they didn't reopen this yr idk what id do, love taking the kids and dogs."

By: Gina Doxtator

"excellent food and ice cream yummmmm"

By: Leah Marie

"Chases Birthday Party on Sunday 8/30/15 was a HIT! He had an amazing time with his friends in the bounce house & playing mini golf, not to mention the food was delicious! We were pulling out just as those motorcyclists were pulling in, it was super cool to see. Keep up the wonderful work! ♥"


By: Nikki W on September 28 , 2014

Title: Great Service

"We stopped on the way to Ithaca for a quick ice cream. Asked for a medium and it was massive! Im guessing the large ones would have kept us going for ages. The service was wonderful and we were welcomed with open arms. The ice cream tasted gorgeous and I'd recommend it to anyone."

By: 9478050 on August 14, 2012

Title: Hot Spot in Town (spring/summer)

"This ice crem shop has been in this town for years and years. It is the busiest spot in town summers. Over the years its ice cream menu has grown to include things known at other ice cream spots by names like a Flurry. Cones, shakes, and sundaes round off the ice cream offerings. The ice cream shop also offers several food items: hot dogs, burgers, fried clams, sausage sandwiches, fries to name several. 
There are several tables spread around the grounds, a gazebo, and another sheltered eating area. 
Usually Dave's is open from about mid-April through the first weekend in September.
Visited July 2012"

Trip Advisor

​By: Rebecca Gardner on August 30th, 2015

Great food & ice cream. Wonderful service, a must stop if you are in the Cincinnatus area!!

By: Jennifer Burrows on March 21, 2011

"Dave's Dairy Treat has been one of my favorite places to get ice cream and simple eats since I was little. I am now 19 and I still have a soft spot in my heart for Dave's soft serve ice cream. As my dad once told me, "It's good because it's local." You can taste the community in every sweet bite. 
No soft serve can compare! It's rich, thick, and decadent. When I was little I used to get the vanilla soft serve with "Blue Goo" flavoring on top. I knew even then that this was one of my favorite places in the world to be. 
There's more to this place than just the ice cream! When I was younger, and still to this day, my dad would get the onion rings. There are two things you must understand about the onion rings: 1) They are delicious, and 2) They aren't served in your normal little to-go container. They come to you in a bucket. Well, not literally a bucket, but a quart, and that is pretty awesome. Their burgers, too, are great. 
The setting couldn't be more perfect. Everything has that 50s diner feel. While it IS near the road, it is a great place to bring the little ones to catch frogs in the creek that's right behind the establishment, or to climb the tall, beautiful trees that shade the picnic benches. It has a "homey" smell that just makes you feel young again, even if it's your first time there. The only things I can imagine being wrong with this place is that there is not a public restroom, at least not since I was last there. It can get very busy!"