Since 1955

Cincinnatus, NY

Great Ice Cream, Great Food, Great Fun...See you at Dave's

Our Story

It all started around 1955 when Mr. Harvey Osbourne built the simple drive in style block building on the intersections of routes 23 and 26 in Lower Cincinnatus. A small and very friendly picturesque town in Upstate NY.  The Osbourne family ran it exclusively as a soft serve ice cream shop.

In 1959, Mr. Osbourne sold the shop to Ralph and Marjorie Hakes. They added on to the back of the building and installed a walk in cooler and walk in freezer.  The ice cream drive in was operated by the Hakes family for 21 years providing the freshest ice cream and desserts for the folks of Cincinnatus and surrounding communities.

They leased the building for a year in 1980 and in 1981 the business was then purchased by David and Carol Harrington, it was at that time the name was changed to David’s Dairy Treat. Gazebos, a large pavilion, and many beautiful landscaping features were added and sprawled out amongst the nearly four acres of property. The little piece of Americana that was built in 1955 was a thriving hot spot kept alive with David and Carol’s passion and love of their business. After serving customers for 33 years, the Harrington’s decided it was time to retire and sell the business. 2013 would be their last season as owners of the iconic David’s Dairy Treat.

In 2014 the Constantino family purchased the business and shortened the eatery’s name to Dave’s.  With no prior ice cream experience, other than enjoying visiting David’s, they hit the ground running. With the help of the Harrington’s, friends, family and handed down secret topping recipes, they had a very successful first season and Dave’s was reborn. More bands and entertainment were introduced and a broader ice cream and food menu added to the already abundant choices of desserts and food.

In the summer of 2015, Dave's added an 18 hole mini golf course on the property. The Caddy Shack Mini Golf is reminiscent of the 50's style mini courses that were popping up throughout the country during those golden days of yesteryear.  

The new owners hope to slowly build on and make Dave’s better known for its great menu, and for being a five star rated family entertainment establishment with free summer concerts and entertainment for all ages. They hope to make Dave’s the place to be in the summer while preserving the values and the historic feel of the past.

We use the freshest, most natural ingredients we can find to provide our customers with a delicious menu variety of food and deserts. We believe in our community and purchase our goods as locally as possible to help support our local economy. We truly appreciate your business and we would like to express our sincere thanks for supporting us.